About Us

It all started while sailing back to Vancouver one weekend. Why are we living in the city? we began asking ourselves, when most weekends we spend pursuing some activity outside of the city? So after making plans and checking out many communities, we chose Bamfield. We have been in Bamfield since Nov 16th 1995. We have been rewarded for our move with a lifestyle we enjoy, a great community and many close friends.

After many years, we have retired from kayak rentals, diving charters, whale watching tours and the water taxi business.

We are now enjoying our 24th year in Bamfield and are looking forward to catching up with all of our repeat customers and meeting new ones!

Sheryl Mass




Broken Island Adventures supports the following not for profit and charitable organizations with part of every dollar we earn. Thank you for helping us help:

- Bamfield Chamber of Commerce

- Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department

- Red cross

- Bamfield Community Parks

- Bamfield community school

John Mass


Broken Island Adventures Ltd.

Bamfield, British Columbia, Canada

Local: 250-728-3500

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